So what are the benefits of Wheatgrass?

There is a ton of information out there on the internet about what exactly are the benefits of wheatgrass. So after weeks and weeks of research I have come up with a list that pretty much covers them all! albeit some of them are quite odd (to say the least!) there are others that have a lot of merit. So without further adieu here is the list!

  • Promotes clearer thinking
  • Eliminates toxins such as mucus and fatty acids
  • Eliminates fat deposits
  • Cleanses and oxygenates the blood
  • Increases red blood cell count
  • Lowers Blood Pressure by dilating the blood pathways through the body
  • Chlorophyll found in wheatgrass helps to improve blood sugar levels
  • Restores alkalinity to the blood
  • Wheatgrass also stimulates metabolism
  • Helps to eliminate itchy skin
  • Can also be used to sooth sunburned skin as well as ulcers, sores and bites
  • Can be used as a natural disinfectant
  • Can be used as a sleep aid (Doesn’t for me – quite the opposite!)
  • If gargled can freshen breathe and toughen gums – anyone tried this? Haha
  • Gargling wheatgrass can help with a sore throat
  • Wheatgrass can help neutralise toxins such as nicotine
  • Powerful detoxifier due to the enzymes and amino acids
  • Help tighten lose and sagging skin
  • Stimulates digestion
  • Protects the blood against anaerobic bacteria
  • Turns grey hair into the hairs natural colour when consumed daily
  • Slows the aging process when consumed daily
  • Restores fertility and promotes youthfulness
  • High antioxidant content helps build the immune system
  • Stimulates the thyroid gland which can correct obesity
  • Lessens the effects of radiation as wheatgrass is known to contain the SOD enzyme
  • Believe it or not Dr Jensen found that bathing in wheatgrass juice can double red blood cell count
  • Dr Ann Wigmore has used wheatgrass to help people get over chronic illness for over 30 years
  • Helps to prevent colds, coughs and illnesses
  • Increased energy levels
  • Contains over 100 minerals!
  • Wheatgrass contains more vitamin C than oranges and has twice the vitamin A found in carrots
  • Oxygenation of the blood helps increase endurance during exercise
  • Wheatgrass has high amino acid content – amino acids are the building blocks of protein!
  • Wheatgrass reduced the incidence of Type 1 (Cold Sores) and Type 2 (Genital) herpes
  • Wheatgrass juice is great for constipation and improves digestion
  • wheatgrass juice can remove heavy metals from the body
  • Wheatgrass can be used as a skin cleanser as the nutrition from wheatgrass can be freely absorbed through the skin
  • Some say you can add it to your bath and soak for 15-20mins – not sure how this would help?
  • You can read more about the benefits of wheatgrass from The Times of India here

Still not convinced on the benefits of wheatgrass?

See these sites for testimonials and additional information:;year=2010;volume=1;issue=2;spage=23;epage=28;aulast=Padalia

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