wheatgrass dollar symbolThe economics of growing wheatgrass – the cost of a wheatgrass shot

Lets face it the cost of a wheatgrass shot is not exactly cheap. The price of a shot can range dramatically from $3.00-8.00 per shot. I was curiously to know when I first started growing wheatgrass what would be the lowest price I could make my own shots for. I set out to reduce my Price Per Shot (PPS) as much as possible. The idea is that you lower this number by as much as possible as you really would like the cost of maintaining your health to be as low as possible. You can go one step further and add opportunity costs associated with time however I think that is going a little extreme. So if I take into consideration all my inputs – i.e the cost setting up and the cost to continue production I found that the cost of a single wheatgrass shot is: $0.40 this can be halved to $0.20 if you let the grass grow back a second time (which I do).

All in all the cost is really insignificant for what benefits wheatgrass has on your health. I have created a page on the cost of growing wheatgrass which contains a spreadsheet with all the factors that you need to consider when working on your pricing model. Go to The Real Cost of Growing Wheatgrass for full details