In just nine days it will be winter here in Australia and let me tell you now that it is already freezing! Growing wheatgrass in winter can require a bit of planning as we pretty much live in a tree house on the Central Coast and the house doesn’t get a lot of sun. I have noticed that over the last month the wheatgrass is taking forever to grow. I would say that the growth has pretty much halved as the weather becomes colder. Whenever I let my grass grow back for a second time it normally grows back much faster but has now stopped. As a result, I am going to have to try one or more of the following:

  • Add more trays to production
  • Growing wheatgrass inside the house
  • Growing wheatgrass in a greenhouse
covered Greenhouse

Covered Greenhouse

To ensure that we have an adequate supply for the winter period I am 110% going to add another tray to production. At the same time I am going to grow one of the trays inside the house to see what the difference is in growth. In addition I am also going to see if I can purchase a small seedling greenhouse for outside and try this as my wife will kill me if I start growing all my wheatgrass inside (be sure to check back in 10-14 days for results of all three methods).

In addition to the slow growth of my wheatgrass my worms have  slowed production too. As a result the worm juice that I normally get from the worm farm has more than halved. There is not a great deal that I can do about this as I will NEVER be allowed to bring those little guys inside! As the winter months are upon us it is also time to start considering what is to go into the winter garden plot. I already have kale planted but really need to look at more options. Currently my Chilli’s are thriving (which they always do… virtually impossible to kill them) the basil is still going gangbusters and the mint has slowed right down. If anyone else out there has any hot tips on growing wheatgrass in winter please comment and let others know – sharing is caring. Happy growing!