Flu season signAs the winter months approach us you may want to add more wheatgrass to your production. This is super important because not only will wheatgrass growth slow during winter, it is often in the colder part of the year that peoples eating habits take a diver for the worse. We naturally become fixated on warm high carbohydrate meals and can hit the booze train a little too much – well you can’t beat a few glasses of red here and there on those cold nights! But what does all the carb and alcohol do to our bodies? It creates a very acidic environment and as a result we are more inclined to catch colds or worse…. the dreaded flu!

By taking wheatgrass you are neutralising the acids in your body to bring it back to a neutral PH level. When your body is less acidic you will be less likely to catch the cold or the flu as your immune system will be much stronger. For me it’s more a matter of cutting down on coffees and trying to drink at least 1.5ltrs of water a day. Thus far I am struggling to achieve this and am pretty much only managing to drink 1-2 glasses a day. Bad I know, but if you aren’t really big on drinking boring tap water you may want to consider purchasing a soda stream system. Personally I feel the carbonated water is much more appealing to drink and this is certainly something that is on my purchase list. After all any water is better than no water right? I will even give pouring a shot of wheatgrass into a glass of bubbly water and see how that goes down. If it is a hit I’ll let you know, but chances are that the bubbles are likely to make you burp up wheatgrass taste and we all know what that tastes like….

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