There has been a lot of controversy about the topic of whether or not drinking wheatgrass can be beneficial in reducing the severity and frequency of herpes so I figured I’d do a post that is dedicated to the topic. Firstly it must be said that there is no cure for herpes, although very recent trials in Australia believe that they have found a cure see ‘Herpes vaccine on trial‘ – July 2013 . Despite there being no real cure -‘yet’ for herpes there are definitely ways in which you can reduce the severity and frequency of outbreaks. Amongst these is you guessed it – Wheatgrass. There have been a large number of sufferers that have reported that their outbreaks have been severely reduced since adding regular doses of wheatgrass to their diet. Before you can analyze why wheatgrass is good for herpes you have to first look at what foods are likely to cause an outbreak.

Arginine-rich foods and acidic foods can increase the cause of outbreaks whilst lysine foods and foods that contain alkaline properties are likely to reduce the amount of outbreaks. So all in all:

The good
Applies, pears, mangos + most fruits
Fish and other poultry
Green leafy Vegetables
Dairy Products (no this does not include Ice Cream)
Antioxidants – berries, kale, spinach, grapes, parsley
Purified alkaline water – drink drink drink

The bad
Some protein shakes that contain Arginine

The ugly
Deep fried foods

**Keep in mind that anything to help your overall immune system will help reduce your outbreaks
Given that Wheatgrass is a super alkaline for your system it is no wonder that wheatgrass is good for genital herpes. Murry (2011), also agrees with this, stating that wheatgrass is the perfect nutritional supplement for those suffering from herpes. Furthermore in an interview by Delaney (2011), her patient who has suffered from Herpes for 15 years also tells of putting wheatgrass juice directly on the “bumps” prior to a breakout. The result is staggering with the patient experiencing no real outbreaks for years.

If you have been diagnosed with either type of the herpes virus and would like to reduce the severity and frequency of outbreaks then I suggest adding wheatgrass to your daily diet and see what effects that it has on your outbreaks. If you find that it reduces your outbreaks please comment (you can use a different name if you want to remain anonymous) but please let others know and hopefully together we can help others learn more about the benefits of wheatgrass.


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