Is it OK to freeze wheatgrass?

Whilst it is always best to drink wheatgrass fresh, most people cannot be bothered with cutting the grass and juicing wheatgrass daily. As a result many have turned to freezing wheatgrass in bulk to avoid the tedious task of cutting, juicing and cleaning. However it has to be examined as to whether or not the freezing process dramatically reduces the nutritional benefits of juicing wheatgrass.

Many websites on the internet including argue that as soon as you begin to harvest your wheatgrass the oxygenation and aging process begins resulting in increased damage and dehydration of the cell structure within the wheatgrass. Ann Wigmore the Queen of Wheatgrass also states that the chlorophyll benefits of wheatgrass are destroyed by freezing the juice. However you have to look at freezing wheatgrass as a cost benefit analysis. Yes you may lose some nutrients in freezing wheatgrass but you will also reduce the amount that you waste as well as have wheatgrass convenient for when you are on the run!

Given my occupation I can get home anytime between 8pm and 11pm+ therefore freezing wheatgrass juice is an excellent option for those late nights when I cannot be bothered cutting and juicing when all I want to do is pass out! If there is some loss of nutrients,  I believe that I make up the loss by having twice as much (just to be on the safe side!). Lorene Sauro from has used frozen wheatgrass for years and concludes that whether the product is frozen or not she has noticed the b that she has also noticed the health benefits of drinking frozen wheatgrass

How to freeze wheatgrass

I freeze a large batch of wheatgrass in baby food trays (kind of like a large ice cube trays but with lids) that I purchased from the baby section of Big W. Keep in mind this option isn’t exactly the cheapest as they are certified to protect baby puree, but I figured that they are good enough to protect baby food then it is probably the best option to protect my wheatgrass. Either way, try to have the ice cube tray or puree tray air tight or covered to protect the juice from picking up flavours from the freezer.

How long does frozen wheatgrass last?
This is another debated topic with some on the internet suggesting it is fine up to a period of 2 years whilst others state that it must be consumed within a few days. Despite Ann Wigmore acknowledging the loss of nutrients in freezing wheatgrass, she was a believer in that benefits remained within the frozen wheatgrass provided it was consumed within 7 days. From an efficiency perspective this is still pretty good as it will allow you to spend the time on the weekend and create a large batch that should last you the week!