How much wheatgrass to drink?


Most health advocates of wheatgrass believe that 30mls of wheatgrass provides a sufficient amount of nutrients for your daily diet. 30mls is equivalent to 1/5th of a tray or 20% of your tray. I know it doesn’t seem like much but wheatgrass grows quite quickly so you can have multiple trays growing through different stages at any given time.

Start with 30mls of Wheatgrass a day

Depending on how hectic my day is I find that I vary between 30mls and 60mls of wheatgrass per day. I do not have a set routine that I religiously go by however I do try to aim for the 60ml mark. If you are new to wheatgrass then I suggest starting at 30mls a day and do this for a few weeks before moving up to 60mls. This is largely due to the fact the wheatgrass will shock your system at first and your body will take a little while to get use to it. Again, this is only a recommendation and you should really experiment and see what is right for you. There are some advocates of wheat grass that drink over 100mls of wheatgrass a day. However, regardless of taking 30mls or 100mls you should always drink a glass of water with the wheatgrass to ease the load off your liver. For all documentary lovers, in the film “May I be Frank” Frank is directed to have a glass of wheatgrass every morning (4 shots!).

Increase by 30mls of wheatgrass per 2 weeks (if needed)

I suggest trying wheatgrass for three weeks and see how you feel. Start an online journal at say and document your experience. Try to keep all other variables consistent to your existing diet and only add wheatgrass. It is only by trying this will you discover the benefits. I spent weeks on the internet trawling through websites and finding out more information on the benefits of wheatgrass but really you need to try it for yourself to see. Just to show you how extreme some of the benefits are (whether or not these are true or not one knows) I have created a page on this site called The benefits of wheatgrass which I suggest you take a look at. If anything take a look out of curiosity as there are some pretty big claims there. I am somewhat dubious to some of these claims but who am I to doubt. I cannot help being a skeptic at heart so my approach to trying most things is somewhat scientific. So how much wheatgrass can you have? start at 30mls, then move to 60mls and see how you feel. Move up by a shot at a time and don’t increase more than 30mls per 2 weeks and I would not go over 150mls a day.