Lexen Healty Juicer Review

Healthy Juicer

Lexan Healthy Juicer product review

If you are wanting to try wheatgrass for yourself and do not want to spend a small fortune on a cold press automatic wheatgrass juicer than the healthy juicer is the perfect option. The juicer is light weight, easy to assemble and will juice all types of leafy vegetables including spinach, kale, celery, microgreens and of course wheatgrass.

The juicer is extremely easy to set up and even easier to clean. As the juicer grinds out the juice there is no need to clean and scrub a metal screen which is common with most centrifugal juicers and best of all there is no wet and wasted pulp left over.
The light weight of the juicer will allow you to take the juicer with you when you travel so that you never miss out on your daily shot of wheatgrass! I own an automatic cold press wheatgrass juicer but plan to take this with me back to Sweden this summer and grow some wheatgrass there.

The manufactures link to the Healthy Juicer state that this can be used for survival. This is largely due to the face that whilst you can’t eat grass you can juice it! Some have even blogged about using the juicer for survival. Whilst I can agree that it is lightweight I’ll stick with Mars Bars for my next hike.

Lexen Healthy Juicer Review – problems with the juicer

I have found that whilst I love the juicer and it is 100% the best product if you are wanting to try out wheatgrass, it is definitely not going to last. If you tend to juice every day and juice for room mates or the family then you should really consider an automatic juicer. I found that by juicing everyday using this juicer the auger (screw looking piece) started to bend and wear out.

Lexen Healthy Juicer Review – warranty

I am still in the process of trying to have my parts replaced under warranty and will update this post if the problem is ever resolved. However for those based in the US or Canada I strongly suggest going to the warranty section of the manufacturers website


Lexen Healthy Juicer Review – obtaining spare parts

If you are like me and based in sunny Australia you can purchase spare parts from Juicers Australia or if you are based in the US you can by parts directly by calling 800*539*3611

Lexen Healthy Juicer Review – bonus uses

As I now tend to use my automatic wheatgrass juicer (compact premiere pro) I found another use for the juice cup and that is for growing sprouts.

sprouts in healthy juicer

Healthy Juicer cup as sprouter

1. Soak sprouting seeds for recommended duration
2. Pour the seeds over the sieve
3. Continue to rinse twice or so a day
4. Fill the juice collecting cup up with water until it is about 5mm below the sieve.
5. Watch your seeds grow and simply pick and eat

Lexan Healthy Juicer Review – watch the juicer video to see it in action