Difference between Barley grass and wheat grass

Growing and Juicing Barley Grass – The benefits

I have seen barley seeds in my local organic shop now for some time and thought about why there is so much hype surrounding wheatgrass yet this simple and cheap alternative never gets much coverage. Growing Barley grass is identical to how you grow wheatgrass but the question on everyone’s mind is why would you grow barley grass?

The benefits of Barley Grass

The nutritional benefits of Barley Grass have been known for centuries and have said to date back to 7000 BC. Historically Barley Grass has been used to help the treatment of skin, liver problems and blood disorders. Ancient Greeks used the grass to fight inflammations whilst gladiators ate barley for strength and stamina. These days Barley in its infant form is consumed as a powder or by extracting the juice from the grass.
According to Nutritionist Gilliam McKeith, barley grass offers more protein than a steak, 5 x more iron than broccoli, 7 x more vitamin C than orange juice and 11 x more calcium than milk and much more. In addition, studies have shown that barley grass and inhibit the growth of cancer cells in prostate and breast cancer with hundreds of testimonials by recovering cancer patients on how the grass has helped their recovery. Additionally Barley Grass is said to help aid in the treatment of bronchitis in the lungs.

How to use barley grass

The health industry has gone crazy when it comes to supplements and products around wheatgrass and barley grass including tablets, powders and more. However I strongly believe the best form to consume any grass product is through juicing.

Difference between barley grass and wheatgrass

According to research there is very little evidence between the benefits of wheatgrass when compared to barley as both contain similar chemicals and nutrients. However despite there being a lack of scientific research on the differences the generally consensus amongst nutritionists is that barley grass is stronger in reducing inflammation whilst wheatgrass is said to have stronger cancer fighting properties.

Growing Differences between barley grass and wheatgrass

Barley grass tends to grow slightly quicker than wheatgrass and will produce a much larger blade of grass. As a result the yield from barley grass is slightly higher than that of wheatgrass. Barley grass will also be thicker in the root system and much harder than wheatgrass so be sure to juice less at a time.

Taste differences between barley grass and wheatgrass

Well I know you are thinking that if wheatgrass tastes terrible than Barley Grass might be your answer than I’m sorry you guessed wrong! Despite claims on the internet that Barley Grass tastes sweeter I found that for me personally it tasted terrible, I mean if wheatgrass is a 9/10 for tasting