growing broccoli microgreens

Fresh organic broccoli microgreens

How to grow broccoli microgreens

lean how to grow broccoli microgreens with this easy guide. Growing your own broccoli microgreens is a quick, fun and easy way to grow your own food. People tend to get confused with the difference between microgreens and sprouts, however the difference is quite distinct; sprouts are formed using a sprouting jar whilst microgreens are grown using soil and a small greenhouse. Microgreens are a developing plant and are generally eaten at around the one inch mark whilst sprouts are eaten once the seed has fully sprouted. Furthermore, the dangers of food poisioning is much larger in sprouts as they are generally grown in the absent of light which produces bacteria. In addition, when compared to sprouts microgrogreens will have a much stronger flavor as the plant is much further developed. For more information on microgreens please see freshorganics

What you need to get started:

how to grow brocolli microgreens in steps

1. Mini Green House – picked this up from Bunnings for $8.98

2. Soil – seedling mix will work best

3. Broccoli Seeds – Use between 1-2 table spoons per growth phase


Growing Broccoli Microgreens Method:

  1. Remove seedlings tray from the greenhouse and fill with seedling mix
  2. Moisten the soil by spraying it lightly
  3. Scatter the seeds across the entire tray
  4. Place the lid on top and close all holes
  5. Monitor moisture levels over the next few days and water when needed
  6. Around day 3 I will spray the seedlings with organic fertilizer made from worm juice
  7. At about day 5 you will notice the plant to be between 2-3cms in length. This is when I remove the lid of the green house completely and water more when needed.
  8. The microgreens will be ready to eat around day 7-14 (depending on what seeds and conditions) and will be over 1 inch in length.
  9. Eat and enjoy!

We hope you enjoyed this guide on how to grow broccoli microgreens from home. Please feel free to leave comments or like us on Facebook. Happy Growing!

Broccoli microgreen salad

Home grown broccoli microgreen salad