Wicked Wheatgrass begun as an online blog that quickly exploded into a go to site for global wheatgrass enthusiasts. The site contains all the information you need from growing wheatgrass, juicing wheatgrass and providers readers with a ton of tips and tricks so that they can successfully grow wheatgrass at home. When done correctly, wheatgrass is easy to grow and is a great staple for any healthy diet.

About me

After spending many years working in corporate banking I knew that my health was not what it should be. I decided to add wheatgrass to my diet whilst working insane hours. This helped me maintain focus and energy throughout a demanding day. My health habits evolved from there and I continue to drink wheatgrass and kombucha daily. Having a young family I wanted my son to grow up surrounded by healthy eating habits which is why I continue to strive for the healthiest life I can live! Try wheatgrass for yourself and see if it makes the same difference to your life as it has done to mine :)