The cost of wheatgrass dollar symbol The real cost of growing wheatgrass

I have created a spreadsheet in which you can use yourself to determine the real cost of growing wheatgrass. The idea is that if you are serious about growing wheatgrass and adding this to your daily diet then you really want to lower the cost per shot as much as possible. You could go one step further by adding the opportunity costs associated with the time spent getting supplies, growing the wheatgrass and time spent juicing and cleaning, but let’s face it – that is probably going a little too far.

So for my model to work I need to add the costs of everything that has gone into growing and juicing wheatgrass. As a result the factors that I have include:

Sunk costs (non production costs)

  • The cost of the Juicer
  • The cost of the trays
  • The cost of bird netting and mesh wire

Production costs

  • The cost of the wheatgrass seeds
  • The cost of butchers paper
  • Fertilizers
  • Soil or soil mixes

In assessing the cost of growing wheatgrass my model includes paying back 1% of the sunk costs in the first 100 shots. Therefore if you take into consideration all of my factors then the first 100 shots cost me $1.56 however once the sunk costs have been repaid the cost per shot is dramatically reduced to $0.40 per shot. Given that the average price of a cup of coffee in Sydney is around $4.00 you can make your own wheatgrass for 10% of the price of a cup of coffee which I think is pretty impressive. If you go one step further and let your wheatgrass grow back to full juicing height you will essentially halve the cost per shot to as little as $0.20. I like to let mine grow back a second time and then throw it out. Some cut it once and throw it out – it is really up to you. Sources from other websites claim that you lose nutritional value each time it grows back but you really have to think about this relatively i.e yes you may lose say 10-20% of nutrients (if this is even true!) but you have reduced your cost by 50%. So to reverse this at $0.40 per shot you are paying a $0.20 cent or (100%) premium to have an extra 20% of nutrients. Again, do what works for you and what you are comfortable with.

I hope that the cost scenario put things in perspective for you as juicing wheatgrass is not expensive and it really should be added to your daily diet. For me wheatgrass is as essential to my daily routine as much as my coffee is in the morning! ~ yes I really cannot go without that coffee. For those of you that are like me, consider what it is like to not have that morning coffee and you feel a little weird and sluggish in the morning. Once you try wheatgrass and feel what it can do for you then you’ll soon realise what you have been missing out on. It is kind of like not being a coffee drinker and then discovering it for the first time! I guess the only difference is that wheatgrass has 101 benefits whilst the benefits of coffee are debatable. For those of you interested I have found a way to obtain the energy and high of the coffee whilst maintaining concentration for much longer by adding wheatgrass at the right time. Check out my recipe titled “The Wheatgrass Slingshot” for more details.

Please feel free to download my  Wheatgrass Production and Consumption Cost Spreadsheet If you have any questions regarding my model then please give me a shout as I am more than happy to help you with your inputs.

Happy Juicing!